about me

Hello, my name is Liam.

I live in Poole (near Bournemouth) on the south coast of England with my partner and two cats in our home, which is fast becoming a museum of pop culture with each of our collections we have on display.

I’m a graduate of Bournemouth University (BA Hons Advertising and Marketing Communications) and have continued to work with the Faculty of Media and Communications as a business engagement consultant, part time lecturer, workshop and seminar tutor. I’m actively involved in the BU alumni community and events.

In 2011 I started Saint November Records. We worked with major labels to licence music for limited edition vinyl pressings. We also worked directly with artists on new releases. In 2016 I fulfilled my teenage ambition of getting to work with Less Than Jake, my all time favourite band. It made a lot of trips to the Post Office worthwhile.

The label was home to ‘The Restless’ a multimedia art series that I collaborated on with a group of artists, who took words I wrote and illustrated a series of art prints. It was then adapted musically by my friend Clive (a.k.a Kid Gloves) as a four track EP.

I used to play in a band called Canada Water, which a handful of people may still remember. Our debut release received positive reviews from the UK and US music press. We once appeared on a Canadian music channel. Our drum kit went on to star in TV’s The Inbetweeners (true story).

In recent years I have been working in-house with Grapevine, a client of mine since 2011, managing the company’s marketing communications activity and supporting the ongoing development of the business.

I try to walk for an hour everyday.

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