Wednesday 24th June 2015 – Sam Duckworth & (The Brackets) at Westlands 2, Yeovil

After Sam Duckworth put his Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly moniker into hibernation in Autumn 2014 he began to release new music under a few different names. There was Recreations (more ‘programming’ based material), Sam Duckworth (solo acoustic) and ‘Sam Duckworth &(The Brackets)’. The latter was a short lived full band project that Sam himself described as ‘Pub Rock 2.0’.

To my knowledge this outfit was put together for Sam’s 2015 Glastonbury appearance and other than a couple of warm up shows (including this one) and a subsequent festival date, the ensemble didn’t perform together again. The line up included regular collaborator Jay Malhotra on synth and Southampton music scene legend Matt Reynolds from Howards Alias (and many others) on guitar.

You won’t find any music released from this brief era in Sam’s musical history online, except for this YouTube video that contain the audio from a live session of Dr Feelgood Hit of the Summer at his studio ‘Amazing Grace’.

Prior to the set Sam played a few Get Cape songs on acoustic guitar to make up for having to cancel a Yeovil show on the ‘farewell’ tour in 2014. Halfway through the main set, in the quiet between songs, a tall, middle aged gentleman stood next us asked “no more Mister acoustic man then?”. It’s a strong contender for both the most awkward and funniest things I’ve ever heard an audience member say.

Sam replied “I did just play an acoustic set before this”, to which the man replied “ahhh” but didn’t look at all satisfied with the answer. I’m pretty sure I clocked him earlier in the night so there was no excuse for him having not seen the acoustic portion of the evening. I’ve been ruminating on this for years, what was his actual take on the scenario. Did he think this evening was a ritualistic shedding of Sam Duckworth’s former self and a rebirth in the second half? Also “Mister acoustic man”. It sounds like a taunt. I’ve got so many questions.

It’s been a running joke between Sam (my Sam, not Duckworth) since and regularly gets adapted for use when something is over, or runs out. Thank you Mister Audience Man.

This gig was my second time seeing Sam Duckworth in Yeovil, the first time was as Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. eight years earlier at the infamous Ski Lodge (I wonder if Mister Audience Man was there too?). It was also my second time at the Westlands venue, less than a year earlier we were here for Frank Turner, albeit in the ‘main room’.

Some kudos must be given to the ticket for this show. This is top 5. Despite not featuring the rest of ‘(The Brackets)’ in the promo photo, how many times do you get a picture of the artist on the ticket? Answer: in my collection, twice in twenty years.

Here’s a few extra videos from the show I found on YouTube.

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