Wednesday 12th February 2014 – Less Than Jake and Reel Big Fish w/ Zebrahead at Portsmouth Guildhall

And so we reach the first of many Less Than Jake entries. To be precise this is number 21 of 36 (so far). In almost 19 years of going to LTJ shows, there have only been 6 without. 2013 was one of those years, making this gig 14 months since I’d last seen them (not long at all by recent standards!).

This was also the first time seeing the band after the release of ‘See The Light’. It had been 6 years since their previous album and 2008 felt like a lifetime ago. The band opened their set on this tour with track 1, Good Enough. reliably informs me that they also played Do The Math, John the Baptist Bones and My Money’s On The Long Shot across the dates. There’s no setlist entry for this show though so I can’t say for sure which we got in Portsmouth.

The ticket lists the venue as having been at Portsmouth Pyramids, known at this time as ‘Pyramids Live – The Plaza’. That really does make it sound much grander than it is, but you already know my feelings on the venue. I shouldn’t whinge though, because this show was moved due to flooding at The Plaza to Portsmouth Guildhall. Better for sound (IMO) but also for the few rows of seating at the back I’ve often made use of when I’ve got tired mid gig, or even turned up tired on a weeknight in my mid 20’s.

On this night I wasn’t so much fatigued as pre-occupied. A few days earlier I’d received a track via email called ‘I Hit The Wall’ by the band Greenhorn. There was a possibility that our label may handle the UK release of their debut EP. Some of you will know the connection between this band and LTJ is Roger Lima, who sent me the song as strictly confidential. Not wanting to jinx the opportunity I didn’t tell anyone, and enjoyed this gig in the knowledge that someday soon, I might be getting to work with one of my favourite musicians up on the stage.

I believe this was actually billed as co-headline tour with Reel Big Fish, along with Zebrahead opening. I’ll be honest and say I had fallen behind on both of these bands by 2014 but don’t doubt that they both put on a great show as always. 

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