Tuesday 11th June 2013 – Tegan And Sara w/ Waxahatchee at The Troxy, London

I wrote about how Motion City Soundtrack’s My Dinosaur Life soundtracked the early days of my relationship with Sam, another album playing on repeat at this time was Tegan & Sara’s Sainthood. It was released a couple of months earlier and I’d just picked up a copy on CD. Unbeknown to me Sam had downloaded it from iTunes. It’s a fantastically ‘accomplished’ sounding record, incorporating lots of different directions that it spins off in from track to track and really pushes the boundaries of what they’d done previously (although this was actually the first album of theirs that I’d heard).

For the next release, Heartthrob in 2013, The Quinn Twins mixed it up big time, reinventing their sound for something much more pop leaning, combined with songwriting that was still undeniably, Tegan and Sara. We both love this one too. I bought us tickets for this show on the Heartthrob album tour for Sam’s birthday. That’s always a little bit of a cop out gift, I know, I did buy her a sort of jewellery box type thing that I put them in though.

London has it’s fair share of fancy looking venues. The Troxy, a grade II listed building, is no exception and may be up there with the fanciest of them all with it’s remarkable art deco style running throughout. Built as a cinema in the 1930’s, it cost £250k to build (that’s £75m in today’s money). In 2006 it was saved from it’s 1980’s bingo hall fate and renovated into a live music venue. This was my first and only time I’ve seen a show here to date.

By today’s standards of novelty tours, this would have almost classed as an ‘album show’ with nine out of ten tracks from Heartthrob making the setlist. It also included a cover of sorts of the Tiësto track Feel it in My Bones from 2010, which they co-wrote and sang on. Even being more of a dance track it worked well alongside their new material.

Older songs weren’t totally relegated, although some were worked into an acoustic medley in the encore. I guess not everything was going to convert entirely to vibe of this tour.

Something they said on stage between songs has stuck with me for years. I’m not sure whether I should be attributing it to Tegan or Sara specifically, but it was words to the effect of “Thank you all so much, our fans are the greatest. Well, not all of you, statistically speaking one or two of you will be assholes”. I don’t think I’ve heard on stage banter from Fat Mike of NoFX as ballsy as this, yet absolutely warranted.

Being a fan of a band, you might assume that everyone else who’s a fan is a likeminded soul and might behave in a respectful way at gigs. My experience over the past twenty years is that this is far from the truth. I can’t count the amount of potentially euphoric experiences jeopardised by someone nearby having a chinwag throughout the show. Gig tickets are going up and up and prices and yet still people are paying upwards of £30 to go along and have a chat for a few hours. “Assholes” indeed.

For these more recent shows (still almost a decade ago!) I’m finding far more media online. It’s slightly surreal to be reminiscing based on my deep rooted memories and then look through someone else’s photos or YouTube videos and know that I’m somewhere in that room. Here’s a gallery I found from this one.

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