Sunday 10th March 2013 – Bouncing Souls w/ Cheap Girls and Luther at Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth

I didn’t get into Bouncing Souls in their early years. It wasn’t until 2006 and The Gold Record album cycle when that they finally arrived on my radar. I got to see them at Reading Festival that same year, then didn’t get chance again for another six years, Between 2012 and 2013 I saw them a total of four times, but haven’t since. That may change this Summer when they play a co-headline show with Anti-Flag in Southampton.

I don’t have much I remember about this particular show. I would’ve been living with Stu Lauriston at this time, who was big into punk rock and probably played a part in me revisiting the band during those years. I actually have two anecdotes from the other Bouncing Souls shows I went to around this time. I don’t have tickets for either of those to post, so fuck it, I’m going to tell them now.

The first is from Groezrock Festival in Belgium. I got to watch the band from the side of the stage for an acoustic set they played. Between a couple of the songs I heard two ladies chatting behind me about the frontman Greg Attonito. The conversation went a bit like this.

“I really like Greg’s hair at the mo”

“Yeah it’s really nice what Janice has done with it”

I have no idea who Janice is, but I loved this behind the curtains reveal into the very normal life of the punk rock star on stage in front of me.

The second is from The Joiners in Southampton. The venue was packed. You can understand why they decided to play Wedgewood Rooms the following year, even though I’d say I preferred the show in the smaller room (and not just because that was a Friday rather than a Sunday).

It was so busy that Stu and I spotted two people getting a little too close for comfort. Nothing saucy, just a man in front of another, slowly encroaching on the other’s personal space. We tried not to laugh as it got so bad the man behind’s beard was sat completely in the space invader in front’s hood.

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