Friday 17th June 2011 – Tellison w/ The Attika State and Daniel & The Lion at iBar, Bournemouth

In the the early 2010’s, Bournemouth promoters Dom Patience and Tom Clarke had a club night called ‘Lost In Stereo’ at iBar on Holdenhurst Road. Often this would be a standalone event, sometimes it would follow a gig that they, or someone else was putting on in the same venue. This show was one of those occasions.

Little did we know at this point in time (although I expect some closer to the management did) that iBar’s days were numbered. It would close less than two months later, four years after it first opened. It had lots of ups and downs during that period and some real standout memories. For my money, these last few months were some of the best.

The main draw for the ‘live’ potion of this evening for me was The Attika State. I’d first discovered them in this same room, three years earlier. I’ll have to do some extra digging for some more details on that show, I don’t know if they were the headliner or a support. I do know that I bought their EP ‘Leave Your Dignity At The Door’ there and then on CD and wore it out on my car stereo that Summer.

Two years later they followed up that EP with their first full length record, Measures. Another year on and they were back in Bournemouth and playing songs for me (and others, it was a good turn out!), pleased to have what had become a favourite band on my own door step again.

The proximity to home and the club night to follow meant this was a drinking night for me. Combine that with the passing of time and the number of nights I spent here and I don’t remember all that much about this specific show.

This one is unique in that I have a ticket to represent it. With most iBar events, if I wasn’t playing, or involved with the gig in some way, I’d pay on the door. That may well have been the case for this one also, Tellison were a bit of a draw though and I expect quite a few advance tickets were sold. I don’t doubt Tom or Dom let me have one as a memento, neither of us knowing I’d be using it as part of this project over a decade later (actually, this is just the sort of thing I’d have done back then too).

I don’t think I could name you a single Tellison song I’m afraid, but I might recognise one if I heard it. Despite their popularity within this scene, for whatever reason I just never got into them. As for Daniel And The Lion, this outfit was fronted by the ex-boyfriend of a friend of mine from Uni. I doubt I watched them this night, but he’d often be playing somewhere on campus. He went on to appear on one of the TV talent shows, I can’t remember which.

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