anecdotes for the half awake

He can’t believe he ended up here, this wasn’t him at all, passing the hours daydreaming of better days spent back in school.  What was meant to be a stop gap soon became a shattered dream, another 10 hour shift, falling apart at every seam. 

She worked all through the summer, in the hours before daylight and began to grow so bitter at the changing of times. With a near identity crisis crawling underneath her skin, she torched all of the bridges to the places that she’d been.

He prays he might find answers somewhere doused in poetry, whilst she’s found washed up, left for dead on the edge of the city. Before long he’s disregarded in her life cos “them’s the breaks”, she leaves him with a box of records borrowed and anecdotes for the half awake.

Words by Liam Toms

Art by Naomi Scott

Music by Clive Robert Coats

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