Wednesday 12th May 2010 – Kids In Glass Houses w/ General Fiasco at The Old Fire Station, Bournemouth

It’s crazy to me that within two years of this show I would be working with Kids In Glass Houses on bringing their debut album Smart Casual to vinyl via Saint November Records. As life rolls on and two years passes in the blink of an eye, the time period between those two events definitely felt a lot more significant back then.

If you’d told me what the future had in store on this evening in 2010, I’m not sure I would’ve believed you. My focus at the time was my own band, finishing my degree and the still relatively new relationship I was in. I’d played with the idea of running a record label many years earlier and did have some pipe dream thoughts in the back of my head about doing something similar again, my expectations would have been pretty low though.

It had been two years since the release of Smart Casual and the band had dropped it’s follow up album Dirt at the end of March. Although the two records charted at similar positions, the latter felt like it had been more of a commercial success. Smart Casual will always be my personal favourite, but the songs on Dirt were undeniably bigger sounding and more radio ready.

Perhaps burnt out on having played the songs from Smart Casual for the past few years, the setlist was far more Dirt heavy (11 tracks to 4). This is actually a pretty rare occurrence for a band to play so much of a new record on the associated tour, particularly one less than two months old at this point.

My appreciation for Dirt did inevitably grow when we got to press that album on vinyl too, Smart Casual was always going to be a tough act to follow me in 2010 though, it had been the soundtrack to my summer when it was released in 2008, not entirely out of choice either, my friends were playing it even more than I was.

Given these slightly reserved feelings, absolutely no foresight of the working partnership we’d one day have with the band and definitely not my first choice of Bournemouth venue for a live show, I have to be honest and say this wasn’t one of the standout Kids In Glass Houses gigs that I saw during these diamond days. The band were on top form though and it was great to see them on an upward trajectory. I guess I didn’t expect I would be along for the ride like I had been at the beginning. How wrong I was!

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