Saturday 7th February 2009 – The Gaslight Anthem w/ Frank Turner at Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth

Despite what the ticket may say, this gig took place on the 7th, not 2nd of February. I was reminded of this five days ago when I went to post it and my bit of light research I do before I write each of these (to check my facts etc..) confirmed it.

It was unusual for a gig to be delayed by such a short amount of time, normally when this happens it would be due to illness, or changes to release scheduling and often it wouldn’t be possible to re-book venues so soon after (I’m surprised they managed it). 

So why was it delayed? Snow. That epic inch high stuff the UK is known for the whole world over. I do remember The Gaslight Anthem frontman, Brian Fallon making a joke about this on stage offering to come and clear the roads for us next time. Sarcasm aside, apparently Okehampton in Devon had 22 inches. That’s almost 2 copies of The ’59 Sound on vinyl!

This was my second time seeing TGA live, I’d seen them play an early set on The Lock Up stage at Reading Festival the Summer before. The aforementioned ’59 Sound came out shortly after and the band’s rise in popularity began to skyrocket. I was obsessed with the album and pleased to see them play the majority of it at this show.

Polar Bear Club were supposed to open the show but couldn’t make the rescheduled dates (there’s a snow joke in there somewhere). I had a passing interest in them and was disappointed at the cancellation, but made up for it the following month with a headline show at The Joiners.

Instead we got a bonus, extended length acoustic set from the main support Frank Turner! Ed and I were pleased about this, but also dying from embarrassment the whole evening after we fumbled our way through a greeting as we entered the Wedge and saw Frank sat alone at the merch. We’d put him on in Bournemouth two years earlier and yet, unsure if he would remember us, both bailed on a re-introduction entirely, nodded and exchanged a inaudible version of “alright?”. It still haunts me.

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