Wednesday 4th June 2008 – Kids In Glass Houses w/ Valencia and Not Advised at Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth

When I was working on the vinyl release of Kids In Glass Houses debut album, Smart Casual in 2012 I wrote a letter to people who bought a copy via the Saint November Records store, printed on a page of A4 paper and included in the vinyl mailer. The letter chartered my early journey with KIGH. Here’s the first couple of paragraphs:

“In May 2008 I was aimlessly wandering around a shopping centre with friends, having the sort of day in a generic place that you tend to ultimately forget. I still remember this one very clearly. In a branch of the evil high street record store (I’m sure you can guess which) I noticed the debut album from a band I’d played a show with on the toilet circuit two years earlier. I was pleased for them. I bought a copy. The deluxe edition. Apparently I was really pleased.

On the drive home I convinced my, often hard to please friends to give it a listen. I was on edge, a feeling I often have when making a musical recommendation to others. On this occasion I hadn’t even heard the record myself to know if it was one worth making! When I hear these songs now, part of me is taken back to that moment, travelling through the west of England, in the early British summertime, hoping we’d make it through the record. They loved it. It become the soundtrack of our Summer 2008.”

Possibly because the letter was so focused on the record, I made an omission from this story in relation to how quickly it managed to win over my friends that day. The extra piece of the puzzle is this gig. The story above took place on Saturday 31st May. The show took place four days later on Wednesday 4th June.

I’m not sure that if I booked tickets prior to having bought the album, I definitely had a few 7″ singles which would have been released in late 2007 / early 2008, I was still a casual (no pun intended) fan though until the first listen through of the album sealed the deal. Maybe I had the gig in the back of my head as a possibility, but I’m going to say, with some confidence, that we all decided to go after hearing the record that day.

There’s something about that album, so crisp and polished in it’s sound, yet not at all over produced (or hides it well at least). It translated perfectly live. From what I could remember from the time we played with them in August 2006, this was a massive step up and even with the attention they were already attracting being a major clue, it was clear they’d soon outgrow 400 capacity rooms such as this one.

The supports for this show were Not Advised (who I wrote a bit about for this Goldfinger show in 2006), still going strong and working their way up the ladder and Valencia, an popular US pop-punk act who I didn’t know much about but I think my friend (and bandmate at this point in time) Charlee was a fan.

Shout out to Charlee actually for not telling our other two friends asleep in the back of the car on the drive home that I almost crashed into a central reservation. That one has been between us for years. I love the small memories that writing these posts draws out, even the ones that don’t bear thinking about.

The band played Wedgewood Rooms on three further occassions after this show in 2008, despite seeing them multiple times between 2006 and 2014, this was the only one here for me.

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