Wednesday 13th February 2008 – The Good To Go Tour w/ MxPx, Punchline and The Get Go at Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth

The Good To Go Tour was an annual package tour of punk and ska bands. 2008 would have been the third, possibly fourth year that it ran. It must have been considered a success to have made it to this point and the previous years’ local dates that I went to were well attended. Which is why it’s a bit of a mystery that this show was the lowest turnout I’ve ever seen at the Wedgewood Rooms.

Yes it was February, yes it was midweek, but I can remember this day being unseasonably warm for the time of year. You might have thought that would encouraged people on the fence to decide to attend last minute rather than put them off.

The headline band was MxPx. A little over two years before they’d played the next size up in Portsmouth venues, the Pyramids Centre on the ‘versus’ tour with The Starting Line. I wrote in my post about the show that pairing those two was essentially pulling two audiences to collectively fill a bigger room. If I’d had to guess I’d have said it was a fairly even split between the two, but having seen The Starting Line pack out the Wedge, did this Good To Go outing reveal how MxPx had more of a cult than mass following in the UK?

Frontman Mike Herrera did acknowledge this on stage. Any disappointment on the band’s part had little effect on the quality of their set, which was as faultless as it had been in 2006, the atmosphere in the audience was undeniably flat though.

Also on the tour were Punchline, a personal favourite of mine from the heydays of the Fueled By Ramen Records roster. They’d played in 2007 as well, which was my first time seeing them. It was great to get another chance to see a band that sadly hasn’t been back to the UK since.

The opener were The Get Go, a name almost too appropriate for this tour. This was the new outfit from the frontman of Showoff, a band I know little about other than that they were on the same soundtrack (Digimon: The Movie) that introduced me to Less Than Jake, Bosstones and others. Unfortunately, this show at least, was not the big exposure opportunity the band might have hoped for.

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