Saturday 9th February 2008 – New Found Glory w/ You Me At Six and Conditions at Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth

After their UK mega tour with Paramore in early 2008, New Found Glory played a handful of their own headline shows. One of which was this packed Saturday night at the Wedgewood Rooms. 

It’s worth a little context for where New Found Glory were ‘at’ in 2008. In late 2006 they released a mid tempo album (Coming Home) which was a vast departure from what came directly before it, which was their heaviest to date (Catalyst). The fan response was, mixed. Exactly a year later they released the second collection of their movie soundtrack covers. On this, with a couple of exceptions, the band were playing in a style more akin to their earlier records. 

Not long after this gig a Greatest Hits album would be released by their label Geffen. Two months later the band put out a ‘hardcore’ record on reputable label for the genre, Bridge Nine. I say all this because it felt like the band had made a quick reverse out of a particular creative avenue they’d headed down, albeit one that lots of people I knew did actually like.

SO. There was an excitement for this show. As often is the case, it would likely have been billed as an ‘intimate’ tour, given that the venues were smaller than the band would usually play (and were playing in the UK a week earlier). Now intimate can mean so quiet you’d hear a penny drop, or so packed in your face is in someone’s arm pit the whole gig. This was the latter (though not literally, thankfully). 

A standout memory from this gig is from something that happened prior to it. I was speaking with Mark Davis (who I’d met a few months earlier when I crashed on the floor of his student halls, using a book as a pillow) and he said he would be going so crazy at this show he’d be “running up the walls and tearing down posters”. As I’ve alluded to already, it was a busy crowd, I did not see whether he achieved his objective.

The opening band Conditions were also on the NFG / Paramore tour, as well as headlining their own dates in between. We played with them at what was also our first of many shows at iBar in Bournemouth.

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