Saturday 10th February 2007 – Gym Class Heroes w/ I can’t remember their name at I’m not actually sure, Yeovil

There’s been quite a few gigs from this week in February throughout the years, and I’ll be honest, the wheels are starting to fall off a bit. I was missing the +44 ticket yesterday (full story to follow) and now I’m without all the correct facts for today’s post. I’ll do my best for this and promise that my usual impeccable memory will resume by this weekend’s entries.

I mean, it’s a bloody mystery really. Why would a rural town like Yeovil in south Somerset have so many live music venues that it’s a struggle to remember which one this show took place in. The truth is, Yeovil had a thriving scene in the 2000’s. It attracted big names more consistently than Bournemouth and almost gave Southampton a run for it’s money. Perhaps the two best known venues were The Orange Box and The Ski Lodge, neither of which hosted this event (despite what the ticket says).

I THINK the place was called Dukes, but there’s little online to confirm this. It was the first and only time I went there, and I get the sense it was more often used for club nights than live music. This definitely had an influence on the gig. I can recall seeing GCH frontman Travis McCoy dancing to their label mates Panic! At The Disco as one of their hits from this era blared out between bands.

I watched the majority of the headline set, along with Ed and Greg, balancing on the edge of raised platform to the side of the stage. It was too small for the band and crew and ‘front of house’ was pretty packed too.

The venue name I may well have guessed correctly, but there’s no chance of me remembering the support. All I’ve got to to go on is that one of their songs had them repeating “baking soda, baking soda, baking soda..” over and over.

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