Friday 5th May 2006 – Goldfinger w/ Beat Union and Not Advised at Portsmouth Pyramids Centre

After the divisive gig that began this week in 2006, this was something of a palate cleanser. Like The Ataris, Goldfinger had played Give It A Name at Earls Court the weekend before. A few of my friends went the day they played. When frontman John Feldman did his occasional party trick of trashing a guitar and throwing it into the crowd, he forgot to remove his wireless pack. Ali (who you may remember managed to teleport on stage with Less Than Jake at The Astoria) caught it. With some tinkering we were able to get it working and utilised it in our band for a period of time.

This was the first time Goldfinger had been back to the UK for a while. In hindsight it was only a couple of years, but that felt a lot longer back then and a lot had changed in my life since the first time I saw them at Southampton Guildhall in 2004 with Reel Big Fish. What hadn’t changed was the regret I still felt for not having making it up during the stage invasion, even if it was because of the selfless act of making sure my friend was ok, after being hit by venue security.

This gig settled that old score and as you’ll see in the, not-so-great, but also wonderfully chaotic video below, I made it on stage!

This was a year or so before the indoor smoking ban was introduced. One of my stand out memories of being up there was guitarist Charlie Paulson yelling for a lighter.

The main support was a band called Beat Union. This was my first introduction to them and I don’t think it would be an exaggeration to say that they might be the band I’ve seen most times in my life, without ever having actively chosen to do so. What I’m saying is they became the go-to support band for UK tours that sat somewhere on the punk rock / ska punk spectrum for the next few years. I have an early EP of theirs from this show, more than any of the songs on it my lasting memory is the stickers applied across their former band name ‘Shortcut to Newark’.

Another band who would go on to change their name was tonight’s opener Not Advised. I’ve got a feeling I saw an early iteration of this Southampton favourite the very first time I went to The Joiners. I’ll confess to never having really paid much attention until our band started ending up on the same bills as them. I didn’t get to know the guys myself, but my friend, and bandmate, Tom went on to work with them and filled in on guitar for a brief stint.

Their name change came in the early 2010’s, when, after achieving their dream of securing John Feldman as the producer of their album, Indoor War, he convinced them to go with ‘Natives’. The album had a textbook Feldman sound, though the band did succeed where others have failed, to bring some of their own personality to the songs. I bought a copy and thought it was a good listen.

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