Friday 7th April 2006 – Less Than Jake w/ Boys Night Out and Bullets To Broadway at The Astoria, London

In an odd twist of fate while working on this gig memories projects in calendar date order, I find myself writing about a band on the same day that I’ll be seeing them live once again. That band is Less Than Jake. Thanks to a little known disruption called ‘the global pandemic’ I haven’t been to a LTJ show since September 2019, making this one of the longest gaps between seeing them since my first gig in 2003. I’m looking forward tonight, but let’s jet back to Friday 7th April 2006.

First things first, with this gig ticket we have peaked. There are no finer entries in my collection than this one. It wasn’t actually the ticket dispatched in the post for entry to the venue on the night. Those standard looking ones were taken at the door and replaced with these ‘souvenir’ editions.

The first official band on the bill were Bullets To Broadway featuring 3/4 of Teen Idols and 2/4 of Rehasher. Their EP Drink Positive came out around this time. Being huge fans of the members’ other bands we were excited to see them and got there early. Although not early enough because legend has it that ‘Rehasher’ actually opened the show. I’ve had this confirmed to me by multiple reliable sources in attendance who saw it happen.

The main support we’re Boys Night Out. I don’t think they were a great fit for the tour and the audience didn’t seem to think so either. Unless I’ve invented this memory, I’m sure someone in the crowd threw a drink at the keyboard player, which, if it happened, was totally unnecessary, they weren’t BAD, they just weren’t the genre people had come to see.

This was billed as the In With The Out Crowd tour. The album of the same name was still about a month from being released, but a few of the songs had already debuted online and were on the setlist for this show. Looking back at my diary from the time, I’ve noted that LTJ also played a medley consisting of Automatic, Throw The Brick, Dopeman, Bad Scene and a Basement Show, She’s Gonna Break Soon and Anchor. Wow. That’s got to be the only tour they’ve done that right? I can’t think of any others.

The closer was Look What Happened and Heather Tabor from Bullets To Broadway / Teen Idols joined the band on stage to sing her parts from the version of the song on the band’s 2003 album Anthem. She wasn’t the only person to join them on stage, our friend Ali also somehow managed to. He’d crowd surfed forward then disappeared when the lights went down. As they went back up, there he was on stage!

Somewhere is a hilarious photo he also managed to take which is mostly him looking satisfied with himself and the top left corner of Roger’s face. The whole thing looked a bit Blair Witch Project.

Speaking of photos, digging out mine (above), taken from the balcony, I have only just realised today, 6 years after working on the Live From Astoria album with the band, that the photos on the back cover are from this show. I’d known that they weren’t from the date of the recording, but never put two and two together that they were from an Astoria show I was at.

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