Wednesday 1st February 2006 – Motion City Soundtrack at 93 Feet East, London

By 2006 Motion City Soundtrack were my favourite band. It had been a slower burner, the odd track here and there from I Am The Movie, but when Commit This To Memory came along I was all in. Most of the people in my life at the time were big fans too, so were the other bands we liked. MCS could do no wrong, despite never making it to the dizzy heights of the UK singles charts.

This was my second time seeing them. A one-off headline show at a club in East London called ’93 Feet East’. Has anyone ever been to or even heard of this place? It’s my one and only time having been there and I’ve rarely heard it mentioned since. It definitely had far more of a club vibe than a live music venue so perhaps it’s better known better for that.

I hadn’t been to London for many shows before this, and those were more central. Getting off the tube at it’s quiet final stop felt a bit intimidating on a dark February night. Perhaps I was still on edge from the altercation we’d almost got into on the District line when another passenger accused us of staring at them. Seaside kids in the big city.

16 years later it would be rare to have such a feeling at a gig, or travelling to one, but in a weird way I think it added something to the whole experience back in the day. A bit of danger and a fear of the unknown just made it hit home more that you were stepping out of your comfort zone and into a larger world. Nowadays the risk at shows is standing next to someone with a suspect cough.

I can’t remember if it was The River Club or The Maple State who supported, maybe it was both? Either one I think may have been a bit too cool for me at the time.

At the end of the gig Justin (Courtney) Pierre made a huge effort, as he often does, to greet everyone in the crowd. I’m sure he signed my ticket, but the one I’ve photographed isn’t, which poses the question, whose ticket was this?

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