Tuesday 24th January 2006 – Reel Big Fish w/ Zebrahead and Fandangle at Salisbury City Hall

Reel Big Fish toured A LOT in the UK in the 2000’s. For more than a few years straight I saw them at least once a year. 

The defining memory from this show however goes to Edward Crawley. He whinged about not being referenced by name in two previous posts, despite being with me at both shows (and probably over 50% of gigs I’ve ever been to) so he can take centre stage for this one.

Of the two of us, he’s been more partial to “the pit” over the years and this night was no exception. 

I was stood further back with the rest of our friends (yes, I expect I had my bag full of other people’s belongings). Ed emerged from the mosh to tell us he’d been punched, and not just in throes of it all, this was a deliberate hit.

What’s more, some kindly soul had snitched on the person who did it by revealing their identity to Ed. Now, for fear of defamation I won’t name the individual here as it’s never been proven, but Ed was told it was the frontman of a popular UK punk band of the time. 

We have successfully managed to avoid said band since. And before you ask, no, it wasn’t Spunge.

Zebrahead were a regular tour support for Reel Big Fish so this wasn’t our first time seeing them either. I do believe this was the first time we saw Fandangle though. More on both of them later.

It was also my first time at Salisbury City Hall. I’ve only been back there for two other gigs since, it’s a weird old place but I really like it. Good sound too.

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